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Professional Duct, Dryer Vent, Carpet and Gutter Cleaning Service 

​We specialize in providing Complete high cleaning services commercial facility services to commercial, industrial, warehouse and institutional facilities as well as national retail chains across Canada.uses latest technology including environmentally safe, none-abrasive products and purified water. Our expert trained technical staff ensure that dust, dirt and grease are removed even from tight and hard-to-get-at locations to help you maintain a healthy and safe work environment for your staff, customers and products. Health & Safety best practices are adhered to. Many modern commercial spaces have high ceilings and exposed ducting, rafters, piping, etc.   These spaces get ignored which creates air quality problems not to mention image issues within the space.A regular high dusting program will keep things looking clean and improve the air quality of your location. We were one of the original companies to offer specialized commercial high dusting in Canada, and we have developed specialized methods and tools which allow us to safely dust these spaces while avoiding the need for ladders or expensive lifts.  This not only protects our team but it also protects your space from unnecessary risk of damage.

Regular high dusting is Essential because It helps improve air quality and keeps the space cleaner.Prevents dust borne allergens from affecting your customers and employees. It improves the look of your space.It can prevent your HVAC systems  from becoming inefficient and wore out prematurely.Prevents fire and explosion hazards in heavy dust situations.Our tools and training allow us to do the job safer and better than staff or other less specialized companies​


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High Dusting